Saturday, December 28, 2019

Beautiful Tea Light

I have this beautiful die that makes these screens. It can be a card, or in this case, I connected the four panels together. I constructed a little base to go inside so that the tea light was raised up enough to see through the vellum. These could make such beautiful table lights for a special party or even a wedding if made in white. I tried one where I used 6 panels and made a hexagonal shape. I think I could make it nearly any size. Fun!

Christmas gift

I made these paper mugs for each of my stamping friends. I put a mint tea bag and a milano cookie package in each one.

My Christmas card

This was my Christmas card this year. The photo is not the greatest, but you can see that each point of the snowflake is lifted up by a pop dot, so that took some extra time.

My gift for the gift exchange

This was the gift I created for our annual holiday potluck and gift exchange. The basket is made from rolled ribbon. I decided to fill it with holiday ornaments, but it can be used for potpourri, candy, or anything one might want. I was especially proud because I made it while my left hand was in a cast. I hope that the recipient will enjoy this gift.